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An Old Palace will be Transformed into an Art Museum in Motril

The idea of transforming an old palace into an art museum in Motril is finally becoming a reality at last. The palace, known as the La Casa de Ruiz, dates back to the 17th and 18th centuries. Now in the 21st century, 653,000 euros have been dedicated to transforming La Casa de Ruiz. The project is part of the Strategic Plan for Cultural Infrastructure. The project is estimated to take 18 months to complete. The old palace offers a neoclassical style featuring black marble columns, white marble staircases, and grey stone.

A New Health Centre will be Built in Motril

After much planning, the development of a new health centre is currently underway in Motril. The Mayor of Motril Carlos Rojas expects Motril to continue to grow and expand. The centre is necessary to meet the needs of the growing foreign population. The centre will provide high quality services and will be a very big asset to the area.

Salobrena is Chosen as the Winner of the Tapa Fair

During the local festival of Salobrena, which is known as St. Juan and is celebrated around the 24th of June every year, there was a tapa´s fair. Various groups participated by preparing all different kinds of tapas. The Resident´s Association of Salobreña had the award winning tapas. Please be sure to come next year so you can have your vote and decide whose tapas are the best.

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