Hanneke und Frank Kusse, Netherlands


Hanneke and Frank Kusse - The Netherlands
Purchased a property on Punta de La Mona, La Herradura, January 2011

After many years of searching in the South of Europe, we bought a property in Punta de La Mona and we can say without any reservation that Marla, Juan and their team were instrumental in making the deal happen. They combine all of what buyers need: great insight into the working of the local market and the availability of properties in that market, best practices, quick and very thorough follow-up, hard work and a no-nonsense approach towards both side of the negotiation-table.
Although we were not the sellers of property, we can recommend all sellers to work with Cumbre Villas. Although the market is a buyer's market today, we haven't seen a real estate agent so cleverly fighting for its client as Cumbre Villas, always in a very correct way. In our view, that tells something about how Cumbre Villas deals with the entrusted job to represent the seller. How often have we for instance heard real estate agents telling us that the seller was overpricing their property! Never any of that. Funny enough, it made us become a more interested and serious buyer!
From the buying side, if there is any place were intimate local knowledge is combined with best practices (transparency, honesty, being clear and upfront and providing complete information about everything that matters when buying a property, etc), it is Cumbre Villas. It was great that initially they took us out to see many properties as to compare and shape further our wishes. Cumbre Villas possessed a lot of information on all those properties and it gave us a very good understanding of all the pro's and con's of them. Even they were able and willing to help us determining the price of a very big renovation project and we can say with hindsight they were quite right. The deal materialised only because Cumbre brokered it. With their non-nonsense approach, their ability to be creative in the process and their enormous persistence (even just before Christmas, they worked night and day!), they made happen what initially didn't seem possible (supply and demand were long not in equilibrium).
During the effectuation of the sales process we were tremendously supported by the entire team (Africa, Christine and Maria). We even decided to save ourselves an expensive lawyer by having Africa to represent us and even though we had our principal reservation against using a lawyer from the side representing the seller, we never had any doubt about her professionalism and ethical standards. The whole deal passed in 3 weeks time (with Christmas in between!) and we had no problems, no surprises (if any, things were better/less expensive than expected) and only an extremely efficient and effective process.
Here in Holland I have said many times that real estate agents here can take a learning from Cumbre Villas. Probably if even 10 percent of them had that quality, our market here would be in better shape. Well done, team Cumbre Villas!