Jürgen and Liz, Germany


Dear Christina,
it is been a while when I decided to buy a little villa at the Costa Tropical. I still wonder how little time it took from the decision to buy "a" house to the actual day of the notary when buying a specific house. Since this month of November my family and myself are now proud owner of a nice house in Salobrena.

After my decision to buy a house on the Costa Tropical I searched the internet to get myself a feeling about price levels, areas, type of houses etc and quickly came along the site of Cumbrevillas.

I am a banker and normally the more careful and suspicious type of person. So when intending to spend such a large amount of money I would always prefer to doublecheck, to compare markets etc. This is particularly true when talking to estate agencies as unfortunately my experience with them had not been very positive. Especially the estate agents in Germany had not been of much help in the past and I never liked paying them when renting or buying a flat without having received a real service from them.

Quickly after having been in contact with you and having been shown houses by you I have not really talked to other real estate agencies anymore nor have I much looked at other internet pages. Some will call this pretty risky. But from day one I had the feeling, that you are not only very professionell but trustworthy as well and were able to show me sufficient houses to get a good market view and have the potential to find the right one.

I can say it now, that I have been prooved right. And my wife thinks the same.
-From the beginning you had shown me suitable houses, you have listened to me and analyzed my preferancies and have never tried to talk me into objects that did not fit my wishes. You were always well informed about the objects and their background.
-you have always perfectly answered all my questions without ever forgetting to come back to me once. Even in times, when I cam back with a vast amount of questions of sometimes strange nature, you never lost patience and always clarified all doubts.
-you always gave me good and honest colour about objects, pricing, you never tried to play some easy tricks to talk the pricing up. I always had the feeling you advised me and never felt pressure toward a quick decision.
-you always acompanied me when negotiating and checking the contracts and the paperwork and I always felt that you made sure, that both sides' interest -seller and buyer- were considered in equal terms.
-the day of purchasing the house at the notary was organized like a clockwork.
-even after having purchased the house you helped me to organize the future like recommending a plumber or an administrator.
-on the day at the notary when I first met the couple selling the house I could see that both, buyer and seller, were both happy with the deal.

To summarize, I am very happy to have been assisted by you and your company in the process of choosing and buying a house in Spain. You made me always feel comfortable. Without you I most likely would not yet have found a suitable house yet and would never have felt that comfortable.

I am sure, that you and your company are worth every Euro spent on you and you have really worked hard for the fee the seller paid to you. I would always recommend you and maybe will one day need your services again.

My wife and myself want to take this opportunity to thank you and Juan and all the collegues at Cumbrevillas for being so helpful and professional and we are sure, that your business will continue to prosper. I am sure, Juan knows, what a talented collegue he has.

Kind regards

Liz and Jürgen