Magnus & Susanna, Sweden

House Buyer - Wednesday, August 12, 2009

We had been looking for a house in Spain for one year without any success when we decided to investigate the Costa del Sol. This is when we contacted Cumbre Villas. Ironically they really specialize in villas that are located on the Costa Tropical of Granada, but the access is still from Malaga airport. We liked the area instantly and wanted to find out what was up for sale.

Marla at Cumbre Villas suggested different houses that met our requirements. It was very exciting when Marla introduced us to a house in perfect condition in a great setting and at an attractive price. We got the feeling this house would be ours and in the end this is the villa we purchased.
Our communication with Marla was very good while she showed us the houses. She understood that an estate agent cannot sell a house to you which you do not like and that the buyer once they are in the house can very soon determine if he is interested in a house or not.

Not only did we find our dream house, we very quickly felt very comfortable with and confident in Marla and Cumbre Villas. She always gave us honest and direct answers. To be able to have an honest dialog was extremely important to us as this was the first time we bought a house in Spain and as a new buyer we had lots of questions.

Even after the sale went through, we had many questions, mostly regarding practical things, and everything has been solved to our satisfaction. All of the verbal commitments that existed have also been fulfilled. We are also very grateful for all the help provided by Marla and the team in finding good contacts with workmen and suppliers. This was a great help as we do not speak Spanish.

In conclusion, we are very impressed by the professional way of working at Cumbre Villas starting from the first contact through to the completion of the sale and all of the post sales service they have been provided for a few months now.

Magnus and Susanna