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Jazz Rock night with TitoPoyatos Band

Enjoy an evening with the band TitoPoyatos with the sound of Jazz Rock. One of the most known songs is "God Bless the Schilds", a tribute to the great american band, Bloot Swat and Tears founded in 1967. You wont forget this evening.
This specatcular night beginns at 10pm in Paseo Maritimo Rey Balduino, Motril.

Enjoy specail Jazz night

This Saturday 24th of July the Vicky Cruz Jazz Quartet will offer you a special night not just with Jazz but with cuban music, magrebi, flamenco and many more music styles! You wont forget this evening that takes place at 10pm in Paseo Maritimo Rey Balduino in Salobrena.

Holy week in Spain

During the whole of Semana Santa (Holy Week), street processions are organised in most Spanish towns each evening, from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday.
People carry statues of saints around on floats or wooden platforms. The religious fraternities and brotherhoods are responsible for carrying the statues and organising the penitents and musicians. All these processions are carried out in an atmosphere of mourning. The people who carry the weight of the floats are called "costaleros" and are expected to carry these "tronos" with solemnity and grace.

Put on good walking shoes and let’s go!

A group of sporty people and nature lovers is organizing routes through attractive places of the varied geography of our wonderful Costa Tropical. If you want to be close to nature and if you like walking, this is for you! Two routes are organized each month, except in July and August. To have an idea of the excursions month by month, please refer to our What's on guide section. All these routes begin at 7:30 AM and the departure point is the bus station in Almunecar. The registration fee is 12 euros per route.

Discover Loja’s specialities

Visit the oil cooperative of Loja where you will learn about the production process of olive oil and where you will try the fabulous extra virgin olive oil. Then you would be able to know more about trout breeding in the fish farm of the town. And last but not least, you will have to make a stop at the Loja’s bakery to savour the famous Loja’s roscos (ring-shaped cakes). These visits will take place all March. The price is 50 euros per each guide. For more information and for reservations, call +34/958 321 520 or +34/958 323 949.

Welcome to Loja

Visit Loja in one day. This includes a tour through the Old part of the town (casco historic), through a natural place and lunch in a restaurant of the town. There are two different visiting hours: 4 whole hours, from 10AM to 2PM or in two parts, from 12AM to 2PM and from 4 to 6PM. These visits will be organized until April. The price including the lunch is 15 euros per person. For more information and for reservations, call +34/958 321 520 or +34/958 323 949. You can also email or visit the website


Those of you who like art won’t miss these two upcoming exhibitions that take place from 26th March to 04th April. One is located in the Casa de la Cultura of Almunecar and gathers pictures of the Cofradía de la Virgen de los Dolores (Virgin of Griefs’ Brotherhood). The other is an art exhibition by artist Anna Digesu. It takes place in the Centro Cívico of La Herradura from 11:00 – 13:30 & 18:00 – 20:00.

Rum Lovers Take Note!

This Friday and Saturday at 20:30, the Zarcillo restaurant in Motril and Ron Montero organize an unique Gastronomic Day where master rum-makers (maestros roneros) will offer you incredible samples with a gastronomic menu from the cook Álvaro García. The price is 37 euros per person. To make a reservation, please call +34 / 958 824 887 or +34 / 693 636 156.

San Jose in La Herradura

This weekend we are celebrating Saint Joseph (San José) and La Herradura has organized lots of activities to enjoy those days: shows (dance, flamenco, horses, music...), fireworks, processions with the statue of the Saint, sports games, etc. A big paella is also organized on Sunday at midday. Everybody will find his/her happiness. So, please don’t stay at home this weekend and enjoy the celebrations in La Herradura!

Wine Lovers Take Note

A Granada wine tasting programme is organized each Tuesday until 11th May in the Catering College of Salobrena. It takes place from 5 to 7 PM, and the entrance is free. We would recommend you to book in advance. For more details and reservations, please call +34/629 29 45 24 or email A treasure for your taste buds!