San Juan Salobrena 2013

San Juan 2013 in Salobrena

On 24th June we celebrate San Juan Bautista with the beginning of summer, a time full of light and color. During this week, numerous celebrations as well as religious, sports and gastronomic events will be organized in Salobrena and in many other Spanish towns.
Something you shouldn’t miss out: the night between 23rd and 24th June, many people are meeting on the beach around bonfires. At midnight fireworks are illuminating the sky and its colors will be reflected on the sea. This is really a magical show! Also, for those who would like to get rid of the bad spirits and would like to get blessed with good luck and eternal youth, they will have to have a foot and face bath with sea water.
For more information regarding celebrations organized those days, please contact the Tourist Information Office in Salobrena by phone at (+34) 958 610 314 or by email at

Note: 24th June is a day off in Salobrena and surroundings.