Semana Santa or Holy Week

"It is generally well known that Semana Santa(Holy Week) lasts from Palm Sunday till Easter Sunday. During this period, Christians are reminded of and celebrate, in the religious sense, the most important events in the life of Jesus Christ: His entrance into Jerusalem, His Last Supper with His Disciples, His Passion, His Death on the Cross and His Resurrection.

All these events have liturgical and biblical celebrations in churches where the Christian communities assemble. But it’s worthwhile bearing in mind that each country expresses through the religious acts its own characteristics and sensitivity.

In Andalucia, the people celebrate in their own special way with external, colourful and showy manifestations, which are a reflection of the openhearted and imaginative characters of people from the south.

The processional marches of Holy Week on the Costa Tropical are this type of manifestation of religious sentiment. These pasos (enactments) that march past are representations with images of the different moments of the Passions and Resurrection of Jesus Christ. They are organised by the Cofradias (co-fraternities – Christian lay associations) that endeavour to attain the maximum beauty and splendour in the enactments of its confraternity.

So much decoration and, in some cases, the extravagance with which the images and thrones on which they are installed are adorned, can be startling and even criticizable for the mere spectator, especially if the person is unfamiliar with Andalucia. The contrast between the religious feeling evoked by the agony and death of Jesus, and the excessively showy manifestation of these events, overflowing with adornments, can appear to be rather a paradox.

But the heart of the matter, and the original idea of the confraternities with their processions is to dramatise in the streets that which the liturgy celebrates in the church.

It is rather like the medieval mysteries depicting the life of Jesus in the cathedrals’ lobbies, or the stained glass windows and statues of Gothic cathedrals with scenes from the life of Jesus, or Bible stories, but with the Mediterranean touch.

The Holy Week processions on the Costa Tropical add life to what in the Gothic cathedrals is static.

We invite everyone to take part in these popular celebrations with the deep religious meaning which they hold." The Seaside Gazette

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