Audiotur: Enjoy visiting Salobrena at anytime and without any limitation of time!

If you have a MP3 player, or acces to internet on your mobile, you can go for a walk around Salobreña and have your personalised guide tour thanks to the service “Audiotur Salobreña” offered by the city council.

A kit of 24 audiocasts in Spanish, French, Italian an soon in English and German will enable visitors all around the world to discover the history of Salobrena, its costums, traditions and natural wealth. Over 80 minutes of contents with descriptions of legends, historical caracters, traditions and interesting facts about the numerous tropical and mediterraneean botanic species of the region, such as advocados, chirimoya fruit, mango and many more typical fruits from the Tropical Coast.

To help you going through the town with no worries to get lost the podcasts have a referenced by routes used, this application will make your trip easier.

You can download for free the podcasts files at You can as well download the cycle tour planners and its information use. Print this guide map as a tool on your tour to the city of Salobreña. Numbers located in the guide map correspond to the mp3 track numbers. Once you are located where the map indicates, please select the track number
and play buttom on your mp3 device.

Enjoy this unique walk around Salobreña!

Please request any further information at the Salobrena Tourist Information Services