Almuñécar is the most important seaside town of the Costa Tropical of Granada. It offers 19 kilometres of coastline, including La Herradura, and has 26 beaches, bays, and sheltered coves. What used to be a quiet, fisher village in the past, is a now a lively town with more than 27,000 inhabitants and a lot to offer all year round. Some of the most sought-after areas of Almuñécar to own a villa are Cotobro, La Velilla, Curumbico, and Los Pinos.

Almuñécar was discovered by the Phoenicians and has more than 3,000 years of history. At first sight Almuñécar might look like a busy holiday town, but it has the heart of an old Andalusian pueblo. You will be surprised when you come across the hilly narrow streets of the old town, which was built on the main hill of the town called “San Miguel Cerro”. Explore this area and seek out some good tapas bars, bodegas and restaurants – you’ll have a huge choice, naturally with lots of sea food available. The old town is mainly inhabited by families who have lived here for many generations, and therefore, it has preserved its original character.

On the highest point of the hill, you can find the majestic “San Miguel Castle”, which was established by the Phoenicians as a fort in the 7th Century BC. Over time, the fort was expanded and most of its current structure dates from the Arab era. From the castle, you have beautiful views to the coast, to “Los Peñones de San Cristóbal” at the bottom of San Miguel Cerro, and Marina del Este at a distance.

The promenade of Almuñécar, the so called Paseo Marítimo, is almost 6.5 kilometres long and invites you to go out on a pleasant walk or run. Somewhere in the middle of the paseo, in between the two longest beaches of Almuñécar – Playa San Cristobal and Playa Puerta del Mar – you’ll find Los Peñones de San Cristóbal, a series of three rocks that “pop out” into the Mediterranean Sea. It is the most characteristic view of Almuñécar because of its natural beauty. Another place of interest is the tropical Majuelo Garden, where you can see the remains of the Roman fish-salting factory and wander through the botanical gardens. Many concerts and festivals are held in the garden throughout the year. On Friday mornings, there is a great outdoor market good for inexpensive clothing and local products. There is also a water park in Almuñécar, an aquarium and a cinema. There are several places to enjoy flamenco music and dancing.

In 2021, the plans have been approved to build a new harbour in Almuñécar. This urban yacht marina will be located in the area of Fuentepiedra, between the breakwater and the Aquatropic Water Park. The project does not only include the marina with 650 moorings, but also a large parking area and a commercial and leisure area.

For more information about Almuñécar, visit the website of Tourism of Almuñécar.