Sierra Nevada: ski and mountain resort

Sierra Nevada

The Sierra Nevada is a mountain range that belongs to a collection of mountain ranges known as “Cordilleras Béticas”. There are over 20 peaks of more than 3,000 metres in the Sierra Nevada Mountain range. This makes it the second highest mountain range in Europe after the Alps. The two highest peaks in the Iberian Peninsula are located here, the Mulhacén at 3,482 meters and the Pico del Veleta at 3,396 meters. On a clear day these mountains can be seen from as far away as Africa. 

The national park Sierra Nevada is part of the Sierra Nevada Mountain range. In the west of the national park, you’ll find an area called “Solynieve”, which means Sun and Snow. This is Europe’s southernmost ski resort, of which Pradallano (2100 m) and Borreguiles (2600 m) are the most important villages. Here you are able to enjoy a total of 85 km of ski slopes and, from here, you can ski until the Pico Veleta. The ski slopes are only 75-minutes away from Salobreña. Many of our clients like to go skiing in the morning and relax on the beach (or in a heated pool) in the afternoon. The ski season generally runs from November to April. 

Apart from skiers and snowboarders, the park is popular with hikers, climbers and birdwatchers. Even if you don’t ski, it’s still worth visiting in winter to enjoy the stunning views and a coffee around one of the cosy fireplaces. In the fall, spring and summer, it is worth visiting to see the flora and fauna. The park’s plants are outstanding, with the highest number of endemic plant species in Europe. An impressive 2,100 different species of vascular plant, a quarter of those recorded in the whole of Spain, have been registered here, over 120 of them are endangered. Around 70 plant species are only found in the Sierra Nevada, mainly in the higher areas, while 175 species are native to the Iberian Peninsula.