Ángel Rivas Romera

About Ángel

Ángel grew up between Barcelona, Granada, where he arrived as a teenager, and Ireland, where he lived for 14 years. He studied Art and Science in Granada and Human Resources in Ireland. He started working at a young age in his family construction company. Later, he became an entrepreneur as he founded a company of decoration and craft. Then he left everything behind to travel and to find his true vocation, which turned out to be more related to dealing with people, consulting, management and training. He worked as an account manager, team leader and staff trainer for multinational companies until he returned to La Alpujarra.

Angel is happy to do what he loves:

After working in the automotive industry as a B2B salesman, I am very excited and happy to start a new journey in Cumbre Villas and to bring my knowledge and skills to both teammates and clients, and to continue developing and learning from the people around me. I feel very fortunate to have achieved that my hobbies and interests are closely related to my profession. I love multiculturalism, photography, languages, traveling… I enjoy to be in contact with people, to help and advice, I love tourist places and luxury properties, and working on projects where I am part of something bigger than myself.