Belén Cuéllar

About Belén

Belén was born in Granada. She holds a BA in Translation and Interpreting from Granada and a Masters in Public Administration from NM, US. Belén has extensive international professional experience working as a project manager for multinationals like Hewlett Packard and Airbus. Raised in Spain by an entrepreneurial family with businesses in the hospitality industry, she learnt since childhood how to successfully run a small business with an international clientele. Belén moved back to Spain with her family and is pleased to further develop professionally at Cumbre Villas, where her multiple language skills as well as her professional acumen, are highly valued.

Belén is a sun and a food lover:

I am a true sun and food lover and both, nice weather and good food, are easily found within our Spanish borders. I am also passionate about other cultures and languages, so much that I spent most of my life living and working abroad. I have two wonderful daughters who my husband and I proudly raised in several languages and cultures. And recently, after several decades away from Spain, we decided to come back to my home town Granada, where my family and I are delighted to see the sun (almost) every day and where eating out, especially at weekends, is as popular as soccer. As for my daily routines, I can't be any luckier either. I have the joy to see the beautiful coast of Salobreña and its Moorish castle every day I come to Cumbre Villas.