Luisa Zúñiga Ruiz

About Luisa

Luisa was born in Granada in 1986. Graduated in Law and Business Administration (BSc.). She expanded her knowledge with a master's degree in Business Management and another in Financial Management. She began her career as a freelance Junior Auditor and in 2013 she arrived at Cumbre Villas, the place where she grew up professionally. Given her experience at Cumbre Villas, Luisa knows all the legal steps to follow in the sales process, from start to finish, for both the selling and the buying party. In addition, she is in charge of the tax department – she is always willing to help our clients by offering her knowledge and resources available.

Luisa loves to be with her family and friends:

I am decisive and a lover of challenges. I adore helping others and being of use. I am a lover of reading and my family. I am the mother of a child who occupies the vast majority of my free time. My husband, his daughter, and my son, are the fundamental pillars of my life. I love making plans with family and friends. I love traditional festivals and whenever I can, I find the time to dress up in flamenco and go out dancing. A meal with friends recharges my batteries. I have never been a sports fan, but lately running has become my way of disconnecting.