About Tita

Our office dog Tita joined the Cumbre Villas team during the summer of 2021. Her mom Mosta was rescued and adopted when she was pregnant of 7 little, adorable puppies, together with a German Sheppard called Coco. The entire family of dogs, including their stepdad, found their new forever-home on the Costa Tropical at the family Van der Vorm. Tita is the lucky one who got adopted by Serena and spent some time with her human mom in Sevilla and Marbella, before moving back to La Herradura. As she is all grown-up now, she was invited to join our team too!

Tita is a lazy dog unless she sees a ball to play with:

I love to play with the ball. If I see a ball, I can’t help myself and I will do my best to try and convince some human to throw the ball for me. Although I never understood why I should actually return the ball to the human…, as I prefer to just drop it somewhere – I already showed them I found it, right? I also love to go to the beach or go for a run with my mom, but most of the day, I’m just being lazy and you’ll find me napping somewhere close to my mom, auntie Fabiola, or my grandparents. I’m trying to be more social at the office though, and I’m working on becoming less scared of the male humans working in the office. Work in progress, I do try (I really do), but I just prefer the female humans.

Want to meet Tita?
Come and visit our real estate office in La Herradura or in Salobreña!